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Right-wing extremism and accelerationism remain a threat in Europe

Right-wing extremism and accelerationism remain a threat in Europe

Followers of right-wing extremist accelerationism ideology pose terrorist and other criminal threats in Europe. In 2022, an extremist opened fire in an LGBT community bar in Bratislava, killing two people and injuring one. The perpetrator was soon found having committed suicide. Several more terrorist attacks planned by accelerationists in Europe were thwarted.

Social networks and popular social gaming platforms remain the main tools to spread accelerationist propaganda. It manages to radicalise mainly young individuals with good IT skills. Availability of 3D printers and chemical laboratory equipment, which has increased over the past few years, enables accelerationists to make weapons and explosives more easily.

There have been no indications of plans of the ideology supporters in Lithuania to carry out a terrorist attack; however, the risk remains. Several dozen individuals in Lithuania who actively promote accelerationist ideas via social networks maintain contacts with like-minded individuals abroad. Lithuanian citizens permanently based in other European countries also become radicalised and get involved in this activity.

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