The aim of Lithuanian intelligence and security institutions is to increase the level of security within the state by submitting the relevant timely and analytical situation to the highest governance of the state, as well as to determine various security threats to the national interests.

The main aim is to provide the politicians and the society with the information which helps to make well-grounded decisions regarding the future actions in political and public life.

The history of re-established Lithuanian intelligence began in 1990 when the Government established the Department on March 26.

State Security Department (VSD) is one of the institutions which ensure the national security and the main counter-intelligence institution with a lot of experiences in prevention of activities of the hostile intelligence services.

What is State Security Department doing?

  • Shares experiences and information with other institutions;
  • Makes the recommendations on how to defend from the hostile institutions and educates the society;
  • Cooperates with foreign intelligence and security authorities;
  • Annually prepares the assessment of threats to the national security and presents it to the society;
  • Takes care for the protection of the sensitive information.

How does VSD increase national security?

In collection of the information about the risk factors, dangers and threats which could have influence to the sovereignty of the state, the integrity and solidity of the territory, Constitutional order, state interests, defensive and economic power, as well as public political interests.


Tasks of VSD

  • To carry out intelligence and counter-intelligence, to investigate, analyse and forecast public political and economic processes related to the threats to the national security;
  • To timely reveal actions threating to the security and sovereignty of the state, integrity and solidarity of the territory, Constitutional order, state interests, as well as defensive and economic power;
  • To preclude such threats and eliminate them according to the laws;
  • To coordinate the fight with terrorism by the authorities of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • To provide the information about intelligence, counter-intelligence, and other information significant to the national security, as well as conclusions and recommendations to Seimas, the President of the Republic, the Government and other state institutions, if necessary;
  • To provide public information to the society.

The main task of intelligence is to determine threats from foreign states.

Counter-intelligence aims to forecast, determine, and eliminate threats within the territory of Lithuania. Counter-intelligence also aims to determine the activities of foreign intelligence and security institutions and of the related persons.

A separate field of counter-intelligence is protection of secret information.

What is our long-term priority?

To ensure sovereignty of the state, territorial integrity and solidity, Constitutional order, its protective and economic power, as well as energetic, informational, and cyber security. It is also aimed to carry out the protection of secret Lithuanian, NATO, and EU information.