Recently VSD records more intensive intelligence activities carried out mostly by Russian intelligence and security services.

According to assessment of VSD, despite economic problems in Russia, it will continue to support the military tension zones, to put pressure to the neighbouring states and to aim to reduce the impact of the European Union and NATO for states which are considered as the zone of interests of Russia. These aggressive trends of politics shall be assessed as potential threats to the national security of Lithuania.

Activities of the other countries’ intelligence are becoming increasingly intensive in Lithuania too.


Various methods are used for hostile activities and spyware, based on which information is being obtained illegally and secret data relevant to the interests of hostile states are being collected.

Intelligence is being carried out both within the territory of Lithuania and abroad. The persons who have become the targets of intelligence, may be secretly tracked or filmed, their telephone conversations may be listened to and recorded in hotel rooms, their unattended electronic equipment and luggage may be reviewed. Foreign intelligence services may use business partners, friends, and acquaintances of such people to collect the information about them.

The spies are interested not only in people working with secret or important political, economic or military information. They are also interested in experts of various fields, scientists, students, and other prospective people. Hostile intelligence services always aim to collect additional information about the personal life of the target.


The information collected by the intelligence services is used by the foreign states to affect Lithuanian domestic and foreign policy, to interfere with implementation of strategic projects, to weaken Lithuanian military capacities and affect the public opinion.

Russian intelligence interests cover most of the most important fields of life in Lithuania:

Lithuanian domestic policy: processes, trends, election campaigns, political leaders, and their personal features;

Lithuanian foreign policy: position in international organizations, bilateral relations, specifics of policy formation;

Economy and energetics: development and prospects of economy, strategic energy projects, their political support or disagreement by the government and possibilities of discrediting;

Lithuanian intelligence services and other institutions responsible for the national security: intelligence and counter-intelligence information possessed by them, relations with political leadership, operational opportunities, and employees;

The system of the national defence: military forces, civil infrastructure of military and strategic importance and military cooperation with NATO and EU allies;

Telecommunications and cyber infrastructure: gaps in security assurance and possibilities to take over the information relevant to the intelligence services.

How to protect ourselves?

To ascertain and neutralize activities of foreign intelligence and security services, the society must be informed and initiative.

If it is suspected that you or your organization is subject to spyware by foreign intelligence services, please contact the State Security Department. We will help you to assess the threats and take actions to stop the spyware. VSD will ensure protection of you, your relatives, and your career.

If you have encountered with intelligence services abroad, please immediately inform the consular staff of Lithuanian diplomatic missions and contact VSD upon return.

You can contact us on phone 8700 70 007 or by sending information to e-mail [email protected].

The State Security Department has prepared the informational publication to inform the Lithuanian citizens about the aims and threats of foreign intelligence services in Lithuania. The publication contains advices on how to recognize spyware and avoid it.